In this chapter, I remembered my days working in a retail store. I always encounter this question when convincing people to buy a new product:

“Is this good?”

and I say by far this is the dumbest question we always encounter, but it’s very vital because it indicates that the customer has taken interest. I always want to scream in my mind OF COURSE IT’S GOOD! WHY WOULD THEY SELL SOMETHING LIKE THESE IF THEY’RE NOT GOOD? This question is often followed by an introduction of the specs of the product to measure how idiot the customer is or how idiot are you regarding the knowledge of the product. If the customer didn’t get your explanation, you have to regress your script into layman’s terms, and if they still don’t get it, you have to make all of them up in modern ape terms. The hardest part? If they still don’t get it, you’re using the wrong methods. They may always be right because they are customers, but this is a battle of how you convince them to buy the product, not who’s right and who’s wrong. An intelligent customer is always searching for a fault in your product. Don’t speak something unnecessary. If they found a fault, be a witch, one who doesn’t tell a lie, but doesn’t tell the truth either. Once you have fallen into an argument, you’ve already lost, so just battle for the lowest compensation that you may think of to end the game. Wait. Did I just made some tips in retailing?

Anyway, here is the weekly update! Chapter 214


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