Hi guys, it’s another chapter update again, and probably my last. This has been a very hectic time for me, as I have just been in FOUR CONSECUTIVE JOB INTERVIEWS this week! I don’t know if I’ll get a job or not, but I’m thinking of stopping the translations for a while to focus on the job-hunting and the soon-to-be work I’ll having. You know, settle down first before translating again. I expect to be called by January.


But don’t get so sad yet, guys. The curse may have hit me, but Anri-sama (the previous translator before me, you know, in dekinaidiary) has contacted me recently, and is wanting to continue the project or so, and is inviting me for a joint collaboration, in which sadly, I couldn’t make. She hasn’t replied to mine yet, so I couldn’t make this announcement official. I don’t know when she will start, but for now, I’m announcing my hibernation to everyone.


PS. If not a single chapter has been translated before Christmas, I’ll make sure to translate one for you folks. I don’t want you guys to hostage Santa just for an update. 

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah, the chapter is here



and the direct link here


Thank you everyone for the support you have given me. It’s been an honor working with you all.