A cursed translator, trying to survive the plague which is life

UHT Chapter 6

First of all, I want to apologize for the three days late chapter update. I was too busy these past days. Two job interviews aside, the chapter itself right now is even twice as long as the past chapters, added the very difficult kanjis. Still, I tried my best in doing this chapter. If you notice errors, please remind me to correct them. Thank you very much.





UHT Chapter 5

HI GUYS! Here is the weekly update of Unmotivated Hero’s Tale! Seriously why couldn’t I get any faster. I’m disappointed at myself. I couldn’t bear to stare at the MS word window for more than 15 minutes. Maybe my trauma from my thesis reports from back then are still haunting me.


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UHT Chapter 4

Finally! I have caught up to walkerika’s works! Here’s chapter 4 of Unmotivated Hero’s Tale! And there are differences too in this chapter, though you won’t be noticing them in the future (the LN translation stopped at part 4 if you still don’t know). Still, I’m so sorry for being so darn slow in translating this series. I just can’t focus myself too, and other external factors included.




UHT Chapter 3

Good day/night guys! here is chapter 3 of Unmotivated Hero’s Tale! the sad part is that there are almost no differences in the LN once again. Still, I’m going to translate it all the way .




UHT Chapter 2

Hi Guys, it’s me again. Here’s the new update of UHT! (I’m getting freaked out as there isn’t any differences with the LN version yet, aside from the prologue that is. Well, it’s a bit clearer than the LN version so progress, probably?)

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Hi guys! I’m back! well, not really back (at translating KNW). I just want to say that I’ve started on Unmotivated Hero’s Tale, a new series! Honestly I didn’t expect translating this novel. Well, it’s a good novel, and I’m still wondering why the good translators haven’t taken this novel yet so it’s (kinda) wasted on me, a no good translator. Don’t expect anything from me because I have a wild schedule right now (I only translated this on a whim). So the curse is still on me.

Speaking of cursed series, second in my most notorious list is probably Shinka no Mi. It has killed many translators and three chapters (at the very least) forced some of them to quit. The series is good though.

While there are cursed novels like KnW and SnM, there are also blessed ones. One of them is undeniably “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending”. There are so many translators aiming for it that on one month hiatus of the current translator, FOUR Translators have taken its place already! That’s how good the series is. The bad thing is each of them want to monopolize the translation rights, so the updates are still slow.

Anyway, here are the links of those who want to try this novel.

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Synopsis and TOC


Chapter 1

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Synopsis and TOC


Chapter 1

KnW Chapter 229+ Important Announcement


Hi guys, it’s another chapter update again, and probably my last. This has been a very hectic time for me, as I have just been in FOUR CONSECUTIVE JOB INTERVIEWS this week! I don’t know if I’ll get a job or not, but I’m thinking of stopping the translations for a while to focus on the job-hunting and the soon-to-be work I’ll having. You know, settle down first before translating again. I expect to be called by January.


But don’t get so sad yet, guys. The curse may have hit me, but Anri-sama (the previous translator before me, you know, in dekinaidiary) has contacted me recently, and is wanting to continue the project or so, and is inviting me for a joint collaboration, in which sadly, I couldn’t make. She hasn’t replied to mine yet, so I couldn’t make this announcement official. I don’t know when she will start, but for now, I’m announcing my hibernation to everyone.


PS. If not a single chapter has been translated before Christmas, I’ll make sure to translate one for you folks. I don’t want you guys to hostage Santa just for an update. 

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah, the chapter is here



and the direct link here


Thank you everyone for the support you have given me. It’s been an honor working with you all.

KnW Popularity Vote Announcement!

TL NOTE: OKAY, First of all, this isn’t my work. This extra chapter is all translated by Krud-san from Baka-tsuki here in which I shamelessly copy-pasted and revised a bit without permission (I’m sorry for this, Krud-san). So all credits belong to him.

Here you go!


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KnW Chapter 228

Hi Guys! An update again! And this time the author didn’t made any of his notorious POV Switching! Yay for me! Thank goodness, really. Well, without further ado, here is the chapter!!!





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