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KnW Chapter 222

New Update! Finally! I apologize for the delay. I’m not feeling good these past two weeks, plus the added holiday of paying respects to the dead in which we are obliged to attend in the middle of a cold and rainy weather.


Well, here’s the chapter!  [LINK WITH ADS]





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KnW Chapter 221

Here’s your update for the week! By the way, I’ll be using linkbucks from now on. Please bear with me for this. Don’t worry though, because I made sure that the ads are for all ages so it’s safe to open even during work. No porn ads or anything like that. I’ll be putting the links on the navigation links only, mainly on links to previous chapters and the main page. all ‘Next Chapter’ links are safe from ads for your reading convenience, unless it’s a newly released chapter like the one below. Well, it’s not that much to click them to help me though.

Here you go! Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 221.

Edited: I’m keeping the navigation links at the bottom of the page ad-free. I’ll be making a separate set of  navigation links with ads at the top. This is for those who are having problems with linkbucks. If all else fails you can just navigate through the menu and ToC. This is to ensure the convenience of the readers.

By the way, is this novel good? I may or may not plan to translate this. Just your thoughts.

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KnW Chapter 220

Another week, another chapter. This one is supposed to be uploaded way back last Tuesday, but due to my busy sched I wasn’t able to.

Here you go! Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 220


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KnW Chapter 219

Hello again. Nothing to say in this chapter. I’ve been checking out other novels that have sensitive protagonists, and i mean the opposite of dense, not the easy to offend ones. Yes, those clever ones that trust their head rather than their guts types like this novel. But usually, they have tragedy tags often (well, their traits are perfect for those stories, those schemer types). I hate novels that makes you love the character’s existence then on the next, she’s dead. I don’t want to throw my tablet in anger nor wet it with tears, in the middle of a break DURING WORK. Laughing is an exception because I can control it with my poker face. Besides, smiling at people causes no harm and sets the mood upright,  just in the right place and time.

I’m in need of recommendations. Thank you very much.

Here’s the new chapter! Chapter 219



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KnW Chapter 218

I apologize for a week delay. There are too many things causing pain in my back, both literally and figuratively. IRL is getting busier and busier.


Here is the chapter! Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 218


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KnW Chapter 217

Hello. Well, here am I again. Got nothing to say good this week. Well, about my health, specifically my back, upon a  thorough examination with the doc, it wasn’t a dextroscoliosis, but an idiopathic scoliosis of the thoracic spine (Mild). Meaning my scoliosis is either inborn or occurred as I grow up. Because of that, I didn’t get my job (which is more on technical works & machine maintenance). The good thing is, i don’t need braces or anything of the sort.

Well, here is the chapter. Wish you all good health! Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 217


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KnW Chapter 216

It’s been a tiring week. I’ve been diagnosed to have dextroscoliosis. It’s a pain in the back, both literally and figuratively. I’m off to get this one treated. Any tips?

But let’s get to business first. Here. Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 216


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KnW Chapter 215

This is one hell of a hard week for me. My PC got a malware, then updated the windows 10 anniversary update and wrecked everything from my games to my programs. I reset and reformatted it a couple of times, just to remove that freakin update, albeit temporarily. (I got more issues of the update rather than the malware, really).

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas. Why so soon? Because in our country the unofficial start of Xmas celebration is September 1. Also called the start of the -BER months. (You know, septemBER, octoBER, novemBER, decemBER) and the start of working hard to prepare for xmas. I passed my job interview, and now undergoing medical checkup. No, I won’t be stopping my translations yet. Wish me good luck!

Oh yeah, here is your chapter 215!


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KnW Chapter 214

In this chapter, I remembered my days working in a retail store. I always encounter this question when convincing people to buy a new product:

“Is this good?”

and I say by far this is the dumbest question we always encounter, but it’s very vital because it indicates that the customer has taken interest. I always want to scream in my mind OF COURSE IT’S GOOD! WHY WOULD THEY SELL SOMETHING LIKE THESE IF THEY’RE NOT GOOD? This question is often followed by an introduction of the specs of the product to measure how idiot the customer is or how idiot are you regarding the knowledge of the product. If the customer didn’t get your explanation, you have to regress your script into layman’s terms, and if they still don’t get it, you have to make all of them up in modern ape terms. The hardest part? If they still don’t get it, you’re using the wrong methods. They may always be right because they are customers, but this is a battle of how you convince them to buy the product, not who’s right and who’s wrong. An intelligent customer is always searching for a fault in your product. Don’t speak something unnecessary. If they found a fault, be a witch, one who doesn’t tell a lie, but doesn’t tell the truth either. Once you have fallen into an argument, you’ve already lost, so just battle for the lowest compensation that you may think of to end the game. Wait. Did I just made some tips in retailing?

Anyway, here is the weekly update! Chapter 214


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