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Magic Battle


“That’s it, you are finished, bastard!”

As he applied magic to ease the pain and bleeding, the wind magician stood up while shaking in anger. The flame magician rushed to the side at once, and in order to take distance from Eins, he released a flame magic in the middle of him and Eins.

“Eins, how is the princess?”

“In the hands of those guys…”

“I see. So we only have to break through them first then chase those guys. I’ll leave that fire ‘rat’ in your care!”

As soon as Lute uttered those words, he dashed towards the magic soldier who had become one-handed.

Then accepting Lute’s commend, Eins nodded and faced the flame magician.

“Well then, shall we go another round?”

Along with those words, Eins began to shorten the distance between them rapidly. As he arrived at the range of his word with another two more steps, flames charged again on the hands of the magician.

The moment he saw it, along with his right hand on the middle portion of the sword, Eins cried.

“『Freeze on』!”

As soon as he shouted so, cold air surrounded the girth of the sword.

Although the flame magician was disturbed, the magician couldn’t cancel the flame magic anymore, and shot it at Eins with no other choice. Eins with his pale cold sword cut the flames into two, then along with the downward force of the swing he cut along the magician’s body as it is.

Meanwhile, Lute who confronted the Wind magician has developed an all-out magical battle.

“『Steife Brise』!”


Distortion of air was created in front of the both sides, and although they shot forward, it clashed in the middle, creating an explosion then disappeared.

“You are also a magician?”

“Just because you were cut with a sword, you already thought I am a swordsman?”

“Don’t get cocky because you successfully hurt me with a surprise attack. 『Wirbelwind』!”

When the magic soldier invoked so, a pressure twice as great as before fluctuated in the air, creating strong winds in front of him.

“Naïve. 『Whirlwind』!”

Winds of even a stronger scale was created before Lute, then is shot at the magician, swallowing the spell and the soldier as it is.

The magician was blown away by the pressure of the wind, soaring through the air, then with a large thud he ended up in the trunk of a burning giant tree that stood behind.

“Playtime is over. Princess Elise is waiting for me”

“Certainly your magic power seems to be above me. However, in this game, one must become the last one standing to be the winner! “

When the magician raised his left hand, Tarim’s soldiers attacked Lute from all sides one after another.

“Tch. Impudent. 『Gale』.”

Lute retreated back with a jump, then with a distortion of air in his left hand, he blew off the soldiers approaching his left side. However, from the back of the blown soldiers, new soldiers emerged and the encirclement was closed once again, surrounding Lute like a net.

“No matter how strong you are, it will be different with this number of people”

Seeing the of the private army encircling Lute that swelled up to ten people, the magician made a victor’s smile.

But at that time they decided to break through towards the middle, Lute’s right shoulder was suddenly tapped.

“Well, can one person join too?”

From there, was the appearance of Eins, covered with wounds all over his body.

“Eins, you’ve worked well enough. Just rest there quietly and watch”

“Nope. Not listening. Didn’t you just said so earlier not to give up till the very end?”

To his reply, Lute smiled as if satisfied. Eins infected by him also smiled.

“Now then, did you enjoy your last conversation with each other? Let’s finish this.”

When the magician issued those words, the soldiers jumped at the two people at once.

Two people versus ten soldiers. With the use of magic they somehow reduce them to a half, but due their burn injuries, their movements gradually started to become dull. Moreover, the private soldiers who were supposed to be reduced by half received reinforcements, further increasing their numbers to 15 people even more.

While skillfully switching places with each other, the two people made it to not be surrounded somehow, but even though they handled the soldiers efficiently, the differences of the numbers made them impenetrably difficult, so eventually they are forced to retreat little by little.

“No matter how strong you are, you are already at your limits. Give up”

But the moment those words resounded in the air, an arrow all of a sudden pierces the temple of a soldier who was encircling them. And as the surrounding gaze gathered to him, the soldier fell forward in a sinking manner.

With the arrow coming through the side beyond their expectations, the soldiers turned their gazes to the direction the arrow came from. But as if waiting for that chance, arrows of flame poured down from their heads, and several were pierced by those flaming arrows and fell down one after the other.

“Haa, I got late because of climbing this stupid mountain. Sorry ‘bout that. Thus, let’s have five more people join the fray, shall we?”

An unmotivated voice which didn’t suit the surroundings reverberated, and from the private soldiers, the wind magician, and even Eins and Lute, they all turned their heads towards the direction where the voice originated.

And from there, stood the figure of a man who climbed the mountain all the way up here, catching his breath together with his subordinates.

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