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Currently in his villa, Count Tarim is roaming around the floor of his detached residence.

“Have those punks arrived yet?”

He shouted in anger towards his subordinate.

In the current situation, the count was getting impatient. The Nome Brothers who are the magicians of the Empire haven’t returned at all.

Due to the fear of being condemned by the kingdom, Tarim planned to kidnap the princess as a hostage and then head towards the Empire. Though this was all a makeshift plan because of the sudden unexpected inspection of the princess, if things went accordingly, the princess should be successfully separated from the Royal Guards by now.

After that, the Nome Brothers consisting of Quasim, the fire magician and Nerud, the wind magician are supposed to bridge his asylum to the Empire, but the problem is, not even one of them has returned yet.

As long as these two who will serve as his guide to the Empire haven’t returned, Tarim will not be able to move yet, and could only wait in silence.

“Sorry for being late”

The door of the hall was opened, and from there, the magician who was dis-armed came inside. The moment the he saw that face, the Count’s anger burst towards him.

“That was too late, Nerud! You are telling me earlier that we won’t encounter any problems in the actual plan, but look at your state right now!”

“We have commanded over soldiers that even you cannot handle, we have secured the princess from the hands of those Royal Guards, and I even lost my hand and my brother in the process. And you still say you’re unsatisfied yet?”

Though he has lost his arm, still taking pride in having successfully kidnapping the princess under difficult circumstances, Nerud stared at the back of Tarim. And from there, having both her hands tied behind her back, together with a gag in her mouth, was Princess Elise, scowling at Tarim himself.

“Okay, okay. You’re right. We shall leave for the Empire right away. You all, start the preparations!”

Tarim shouted an order to his surrounding subordinates, who in turn rushed towards the entrance of the hall to start the arrangements right away. But at that moment, the front door of the hall exploded, blowing off almost all of the soldiers nearby. After that, arrows pierced all the way through the foreheads of the remaining ones who survived. Two more arrows headed for Tarim and Nerud’s heads, but manipulating the flow of the wind, the wind magician deflected the trajectory of the arrows.

“What is this?”

Unable to grasp what happened, Tarim gave a shriek on the spot.

“Wow, talk about hitting the jackpot. Not only the princess, but it seems that all the insurgents are gathered here. I just didn’t expect that there are this many of them left. Really, just to reduce the numbers a bit, it gave me a really hard time to judge for the best timing.”

From there, a black haired man appeared from the place where the entrance previously was before being blown away.

“Good timing he says, yet it was all me who breached the door”

As the voice said so, a female soldier with red hair entered the hall, followed by Crary and the others from behind.

“You- you’re Ystats from the royal capital. What is the meaning of this?”

“What’s the meaning of this, you say? Don’t you yourself know this best? Though we’d appreciate it if you release the tied lady at your back for the time being”

Yui replied with a bitter smile, but Tarim turned to Nerud standing beside him in anger,

“And you said you are not being followed, Nerud!”

and screamed in protest towards him who was still shocked by the situation.

“Fool, I certainly scanned the rear for any magic fluctuation until I reached here for many times. And first of all, I left the battlefield earlier than them and have passed the other hideouts before I came here. It’s impossible for me to have been followed”

Nerud immediately refuted the count that he didn’t miss anything.

“Yep, the magician of the Imperial Army over there is right. Since I came straight from Croceon without stopping, I was able to catch up with him. In fact, the one who has been tracked is you, count. My men have been monitoring you for a very long time~. How you gathered up your soldiers, what you did in the Magic Stone Workshop, and when you brought Elise to you”

“What did you say?!”

Yui’s words made Tarim stiffen even more. All his anger when he shouted his subordinate a while ago vanished in existence.

“Now then, I’ll give you some advice, Count Tarim. You release the princess and leave the money you have been embezzled entirely, or else…”

“or else what? Are you stupid? I have the princess here. You should be the ones to throw your weapons and surrender. NOW”

Tarim took out a knife and moved next to the bound princess.

“What should we do, Boss?”

Well, I guess we have no choice but to obey his instructions”


Although Kains tried to object, Yui shook his head and threw away his sword bound to his waist, to the ground. Seeing his figure, the others also followed suit.

“Good. Nerud, Erase them”

“Hmph. I don’t really like it this way, but I have to return the favor for doing my arm,”

As he said so, Nerud advanced his step and faced Yui.

“You, you are called Nerud, aren’t you? I have nothing against you, so would you at least forgive me for this?”

“I’m very sorry, but I have to send you to the other world with your companions altogether. With that, please resolve yourself. Also, to the two people at the rear, even though you already thrown your weapons, please refrain from using any magic”

Looking at Lute and Nanya who were preparing their magic, they clicked their tongues and cancelled their magic immediately.

Perceiving that, Nerud smiled, looking satisfied.

“Well then, sayonara, everyone. Wilberwind”

As Nerud said so, gust of winds was created before him.

“Magic Code Access”

But at the exact moment he saw the gust developing, he Yui muttered then started running towards Nerud.

“It’s futile. Die!”

Nerud exclaimed, aiming the gust of winds at Yui then shoots. But at the moment the turbulence was about to hit him, Yui shouted.


At the same time, he tore the approaching winds with his right hand. The trajectory of the wind sharply turned, running straight towards Tarim.


Unable to react to the unexpected phenomenon, Tarim was directly hit by the gust and was blown away. Confirming it with his eyes, Yui then exclaimed.

“Crary, hand it over!

As soon as he heard that voice, Crary threw the sword he had picked up from the distraction forward. Upon receiving it, Yui unsheathed the sword then slashed at Nerud’s body in a straight line.

“Wow, I didn’t expect it would work so well”

Yui put on a sigh as he stared at Nerud’s now dead body. Then, he walked towards Elise, and undo her restraints.

“Ah, sorry to have kept you waiting, my princess”

“Yeah, you really have kept me waiting, really”

Seeing Elise’s body state quivering up to her feet while shedding tears, Yui’s evaluation of the princess was renewed once again.

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