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When Yui and the others restrained Tarim who fainted by Yui’s wind spell, it was already dark when they returned to the town of Carlin.

Yui asked Crary to bind Tarim and put him in the army prison, while he himself escorted Elise to the villa of Earl Samuel. Afterwards, he entrusted himself to the bed prepared in advance, then slept like mud as it is.

“Sir Ystats, Sir Ystats”

Hearing the voice from the outside of the door, Yui woke up. Confused by the situation, he opened the door with his eyes still half-open, and from there, a maid employed by Earl Samuel stood before him.

“Sir Ystats, the earl is summoning you. Can you come at once?”

After being told of the important matter by the maid, he realized that he was still dressed in the same clothes when he returned. Upon requesting the maid to tell him that he’ll be ready in about half an hour, he got himself changed hurriedly, head towards Samuel’s room, then gave the sturdy door a sound knock.

“Mr. Ystats? Come in”

As he heard Samuel’s voice from the inside, Yui entered the room. From there, Ernst and Mayor Samuel came to his view, waiting on the sofa.

Samuel offered the seat across Yui, then thanked the officer with his head held down.

“Please, mayor. No need to bow your head. I’m just doing my job”

“Yeah, you certainly are. Your subordinates even ‘Captain took all of the good parts’  said to me”

With Ernst teasing him a bit, as if glossing over the situation, Yui could only give a dry smile.

“Nonetheless, I have heard from her Highness, you’ve been monitoring the actions of Tarim for a while now and it seems you’ve already conducted an investigation, is it true?”

“Yes, it is as you proclaim”

“Then what came in your mind to investigate such person as Tarim? No, I understand that you came here for the internal audit of the Carlin Army. However, as I hear your reputation, this may be rude of me, but why are you taking this work so seriously? I do not understand at all”

As if giving up, Yui scratched his head and gave a dry laugh.

“Haa~, it’s no use hiding it now, huh. Basically, it’s my principle to work as easily and as efficiently as possible. Therefore, you can say that this time coincides with that, you see”

“What does that mean?”

Samuel urged Yui to continue.

“You see, you know that the forces of Tarim are already quite corroded inside the Carlin army, right? As for me who want to work freely and easily here, I just thought that it was unproductive to raise a commotion due to misconducts of the military, so I started it, little by little. Certainly, if you take actions immediately by tracing the fraudsters and rectify them each time, you will be able to clean up the first few cases just as easily. However, if you take such kind of actions, they will then adapt and carry out illegal acts in the form of not easy to understand immediately, which then negates it as a fundamental solution”

“Indeed. And?”

“And so, I pretended not to see the irregularities from the beginning. Then they gradually they started to become more active as before without minding my eyes on them. After that they told me “please investigate Tarim’s crimes”, and all I did was put together all Tarim’s wrongdoings on a list, simple as that. Actually just a little more and I would report to the upper military officials and stand at the stage, but a miscalculation occurred because of that Princess Elise suddenly angrily barging in”

And so, Yui gave a laugh at the mayor, but at the same time, the door that was on the side of Samuel’s room suddenly opened, and with inflated cheeks, the figure of the ‘suddenly angrily barging in’ Elise was revealed before him.

“My bad, for suddenly angrily barging in!”

“I’m sorry, did you hear that? It must have slipped off my tongue”

“No, this time you’re right. After all, I got so much help from you. Allow me to formally express my gratitude. Thank you very much”

“Your words are wasted on me”

Yui said so, being sorry.

“Although I couldn’t give you that much, is there something you want as a reward? Of course it should be within the scope of my capabilities”

“Like money or rights?”

“Well, it would be a pleasure if a snob like you would want such things”

Elise said so with a grin towards Yui.

“No, thank you. But there is just one thing I would like to request”

“What is it? Please tell me”

As she muttered so, Elise walked towards the sofa Yui’s been sitting on, sat next to him, then stared so at Yui as if appraising him. Feeling embarrassed on being stared, Yui averted his gaze and after a little while, he answered.

“Could you please connect me to the head of Lute Hannemburg, the current escort chief?”

When Yui said so, the three people present looked at him in surprise.

“Ystats, I think the princess is giving you an opportunity to return to the capital with this favor. Are you really alright with just one unrelated personnel?”

Samuel who didn’t think of Yui demanding an unrelated person’s connection as a reward asked in reflex.

“It’s fine. Now that the Tarims are now gone in this town, I will be able to fully enjoy this place from now on”

Yui said so, shaking his head left and right as he smiled in denial.

“I’ll confirm it with the other person, but are you really fine with that? Saving a royalty’s life also means giving you a chance to raise yourself a certain degree of promotion, and perhaps if I asked father, it is also possible for you to become a noble even more”

“I humbly decline. If I choose promotion, I will be working as a commanding officer of an even more troops at this age. This is already enough. Also, being a noble is out of my capabilities, and even if I’m told that they will give me peerage and the like, as my extra work will only increase, I’d rather refuse instead”

He said so, smiling while staring at the eyes of Elise. Elise, seeing the unperturbed feelings in Yui’s eyes, could only nod gently.

“Fufufu, you are really an interesting man. Quite different from the rumors I’ve been hearing throughout the capital”

“Though those rumors are not my matter of concern, I would be thankful for you not to speak of it, as it will certainly keep me awake tonight if I hear any single one of them”

“But even then you don’t have to be this reserved. Well, about the escort chief Lute’s matter, it will be done, but even with my standing I won’t be liable so I won’t be able to give him protection at all. Therefore, I’m sorry but I cannot prevent him being demoted. However, by the name of Elise Fon Eltobourgh, let alone his punishment, I will make sure that he will not be chased out from the army”

“I am grateful. He will certainly be able to get back at once from his demotion. This will be enough”

As if boasting his own colleague’s ability, Yui said so with full confidence on his face.





In the next morning, the day the princess and her party would return to the kingdom, Yui came in front of the earl’s villa where everyone is gathering to see her off.

“Seeing Senior Yui dropping to see me off in this early in the morning, will it rain on our way home?”

“I am a soldier of the army too, you know? Like what I taught you in the old days, being a late riser and being a late comer have different meanings”

Yui said so with a serious look towards Eins. Seeing that face, Eins burst into laughter.

“Oh yeah, I happened to pass by Sir Yui’s subordinate a while ago before going home, but when I asked your whereabouts, do you know what he said? “Boss never gets up at this time””

With Crary’s face popping up in his mind, Yui looked back at Eins, and from there, he noticed the visible scratches and burns peeking out between his clothes.

“You had a terrible experience this time. Make sure to relax for a while when you got back to the capital”

“That’s impossible, sir. A big incident has just happened. We will surely be stormed by reports when we got back to the kingdom for sure. If else, I’m jealous of you sir, being able to run away from this commotion, really”

Thinking of what will happen after he get back, a depressed face floated on Eins’ face, and afterwards, a sigh. Yui seeing his slump figure gave a loud laugh, and as if finding the location of the two, Lute issued instructions to his subordinates, came down his horse and approached the two.

“Yui. Eins. This time I’m really indebted to both of you”

“Not really. Cooperating with each other is a part of our job. It just happened that we have the same objectives that time, that’s all”

Lute shook his head, then broke into a smile.

“Yui, though I haven’t admitted this till now, even though I’ve been stuck with you for so many times, this time I made up my mind. Come back to the capital!”

“And I have told you this so many times already. Don’t wanna”

“That’s fine with me. Anyway, when you come back I’ll make sure you’ll work under me. Even if you hate me for it”


“Besides, I’ll tell you this now. Prepare yourself. Because you may likely to return to the capital soon enough”

Lute took a glance at the wagon, then added further.

“You still don’t know what Princess Elise is like. That person is not the patient type to just give up and let go of what she likes”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“Ah, she certainly is that, no doubt about it. Senior Yui, my condolences”

Eins who said along made an expression as if implying something to Yui.

Then a royal guard came towards Eins and Lute, telling them it’s time do depart.

“Well then, shall we go? Yui, be sure to enjoy this vacation, because this will probably be your last”

Lute went and approached the horse’s straddle, and with him at the lead, the group headed to the direction towards the kingdom.

As Yui gazed at the back of the line from his place, the window at the centre of the carriage was opened.

From there, a slender white arm came out of the said window, and as if saying goodbye to Yui, it waved up and down many times. Many times.

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