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Later Developments

Two months passed away since the princess’ party have left Carlin. But on a certain morning Yui was summoned by Ernst.

“Sorry for calling you so early in the morning”

“No, I don’t mind it, sir. So, what can I be of service?”

Though these matters does not come often normally at this early, as if it was inevitable, Yui stood in front of Ernst for work.

“There are two matters We have to talk about. Perhaps, you won’t be pleased by this, but Ystats, you are now promoted to 5th class”

“A promotion, huh……”

Yui, as if loathing the word ‘promotion’ in his mind, gave an unfavorable response regarding his rising in rank to fifth class.

“To be able to show such expression after being told of his promotion, of all the Royal Army I have encountered, you are the only one who gave that face”

“That’s because promotion is directly proportionate to increase of work and worries, you know? And the other one?”

Yui, while having a forced smile urged Ernst to continue.

“Well, this is another issue”

As Ernst said so, he took out a letter from his desk drawer and handed it to Yui.

“This is?”

“A transfer order. You are to return to the kingdom”

Ernst, predicting his reaction, shut his eyes to avoid seeing Yui’s current expression.

“Army Chief, can’t you have the power to oppose this letter of appointment?”

“I thought you might say that. Honestly, it’s pretty difficult this time. Try looking at the sender of the sealed letter”

Yui turned over the sealed letter, confirming the name of the sender.

And from there, the name Elise Fon Eltobourgh was inscribed.

The moment he saw that name, Yui could only scratch his head and heave a deep sigh.


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