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The Daylight Lantern and the Useless Hulk


With the cloudless blue sky tinted with a cobalt blue hue and the sun releasing all out the day, those who are moving under I made them really feel the approaching summer.
And during such a fine day like this, along the road that leads to Carlin, two horses could be vaguely seen in the distance as they advanced to the Royal Capital of Eltoburgh.
One of them was a huge muscular man, carrying a bow on his back as he advanced his horse without even breaking his smile in the intense heat. Beside him was another man with an unmotivated face, riding his horse while fanning his hand while murmuring complaints.
“Its hot, its far, and I don’t want to go back”
“Captain, No matter how much you complain, it won’t help change the situation. Please put an end to it”

Kynes continued to appease Yui as his captain started complaining again for how many times since they have left Carlin.
“Even if you put out the fact that it’s too far and too hot, I really don’t want to go back – and that’s it. I know! As soon as I arrive over there I will immediately trail the coat of that Military Affairs Minister. Then he might kick me back to Carlin once again.”

“Or he might kick us out of our post, worst case kick us into the dungeons”
“Even though I have finally achieved my long-awaited on this demotion for so long, going back to the central after just working just a little, this is too unjust”

“Ahahaha, if you think about it normally, what captain is saying is really messed up.”

On the trifling complaint of his boss, Kynes rebuked, with his smile unperturbed.
Kynes was a huge man with a nice build but despite of this, he prefered the bow as his weapon. For this reason, he was called names like “muscle doll” or “useless hulk”, no matter how skilled he is in archery. Even of all this, Kynes always showed a nice smile and personality – the trait being the most appreciated by his companions.
And for Yui’s reassignment, it is important to have an escort, so it was decided to pick one member of the Tactics Division of Carlin. In the process of elimination, Kynes was the final “victor”, hence leading to their current situation.
Of course, there had been a lot of complications in that personnel selection.
Originally, the role of the escort should have been Crary, considering he worked and spent time with Yui the most, but as he was required to take over Yui’s position as the Tactics Division Captain, he was taken down on the list the earliest.

Following the list, Huth’s name came up. While she may be an excellent bodyguard, imagining her spectacle walking around the city with a bare greatsword at her back, she was easily brought down, too.

In terms of ability, Naña who excelled in magic was brought up too, but because of her bad liquor habit and quick temper, if she hit an unknown superior officer…… so she’s out of the question.
So, amid such a strict selection, Kynes, who has a relatively warm personality and does not make any troubles was chosen as his attendant.

By the way, about Kureha, her existence has been completely forgotten…… until everyone had send-off Yui and Kynes.
“By the way captain, when we arrive at the royal capital, what are we going to do about the logdging?”

“Ah, about that we are going to stay in the house of my acquaintance. Don’t worry, they said that it’s free.”

“Is it really free? Thank heavens. Because we are really tight on our budget”
Kynes has been feeling troubled ever since he took a glance at his purse. Yui’s unexpected transfer to the royal capital made him who was chosen as his companion unable to gather extra funds for their travel, which is going to get costly, more so when they reach the capital. So hearing what his captain said about the free lodging, his smile became even more vibrant than usual.
“I’m surprised. Base on your personality, you are certainly not the type to gamble and certainly aren’t like Nanya who always goes full liquor bonanza. What do you use your money for?”

“Well, about that, captain, Huth and the others use swords as their main weapons, so you might not know this. Using the bow as the main weapon is a costly one. For example, even in training alone I spend a lot of arrows”
Unlike the Royal Army stationed in the kingdom, the troops in Carlin had a very limited budget, so limited that they don’t have enough funds to spare for arrow replacement in the military. For that reason, the usage of the bow was looked down upon and even assumed to be a misfortune than by using other arms.
“Is it really something like that?”

“Yes, it is, captain. In addition, I have to spend more on my meals in order to maintain this build of mine. Besides, training the body is the most important thing of all, isn’t that right, captain?”


As he pumped up his left biceps to show off, while mentioning the word “training” in his advise, Yui shook his head left and right.
“Training? Me? You got to be joking. Even though I have been through a lot of hardships in my life, if I were to exercise in my free time, I will die”

“Take it easy as long as it is not required to do so – that may be your motto, but captain, if you were to train more, then would the jobs be even easier to accomplish?”

“That is putting the cart before the horse, Kynes”

Kynes gave his recommendation with a smile without a tint of malice – while simultaneously flaunting the biceps of both arms. But with a worn-out face, Yui rejected him.
“Really? Well, leaving captain’s training aside, what kind of place are we staying at this time?”

“Oh, that? It was a house which took care of me a long time ago. I am well acquainted with the children there, and the owner of that house is a nice and funny man”

Yui replied while closing his eyes, as if reminiscing the old days. The appearance of a father with a manly beard and his beautiful wife appeared among his memories.
“Oh, children, you say? I’m quite fond taking care of children, so it’s just right. Can I play together with them?”

“Well, not particularly that young, so it’s not particularly what you are expecting. Because that guy likes girls, I think that his play is different from what you are thinking.”

Upon recalling the “play” he was involved with, Yui inadvertedly sighed.
“Eeh, so it’s a brat? Considering it’s older than a kid, maybe 12? 13?”

“Actually, it’s 21”

The moment Yui replied, a certain person floated on Kain’s mind, making his back stiffen unconsciously.

“Wait, please don’t tell me we have met that child you are referring to. Is it really him?”
“It is. Because, you know, it is Eins’ house”
Upon hearing his captain’s answer, blots of sweat definitely not due to the heat from the body began to flow on Kynes.

“In other words, the residence you are referring to……is the manor of the Archduke?”
“Yep, that’s it. The House of Rhine. So stop worrying about the size of the bed. You will surely fit in, despite how big you are”
“No, the bed is not the problem here……”

Normally Kynes would just retort with a smile, but right now that smile seemed to have a few cramps on it.

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