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Tactics Division

“So boss, what business did Mr. Ernst want us to do?”

As soon as he came back to the room of the Tactics Division in the city hall, Crary who is always in perfect attendance asked Yui in interest.

Crary was Yui’s first subordinate when he assumed the new post in Carlin. Although he looked like a thief or a member of brigands, he is a fully pledged soldier and has history as a local recruit of the Military Division.

He was originally responsible for collecting information inside and outside the city and reporting to Ernst. Therefore Ernst thought of placing a subordinate whom he can trust to help the man from the capital, and was assigned to the Tactics Division.

Although they have ten years gap in age with Crary being older, he preferred his superior officer and the lax attitude he has. And, among the Tactics Division where its focus rely on independent actions, he often tend to act together with Yui with complete trust in their abilities.

“You already heard of it? Rumors sure are early to catch up as ever”

On the six desks of the room, Yui sat on the desk located on the deepest part then turned around to Crary.

“Oh really? Boss who usually goes to his office in the middle of the day just went to the office in such an early morning, it’s quite the hot topic already. You said that the mayor has come, so why don’t you talk a lot about it? There are also some various talks coming out from that guy”

“Well, that’s a bit confidential , but……I know what you mean”

Certainly, it’s true that it’s not an excuse for being late for work.

However, it is indeed unexpected for them to see Yui come to the office on time, thus it made a huge clamor.

Then, as Yui returned his glance to him while scratching his head, Crary who has “I want to hear what happened” written all over his face came to his sight.

“to put it simply, I’ll be going to be a tour guide for an Eltobourgh lady, kind of”

“An Eltobourgh, huh. But being a tour guide of a lady, isn’t that nice? Is Ms. Eltobourgh a young lady? Huh, wait…… Eltobough, you said?”

“Yeah, Elise Fon Eltoburgh. If I remember correctly, was she seventeen this year?”

“Eeh!? Seriously? THAT Eltobourgh?”

Crary opened his eyes wide and raised his tone, and Yui who was delighted by his reaction nodded in a big way.

”Yes, that first princess indeed. Well, it’s merely an inspection of the local town and guiding her to the usual tourist attractions, and once she’s satisfied we’ll go home”

“Still, a tour guide, huh……but why is boss chosen?”

Well, probably because I was in the royal capital for a long while, they are expecting that I have learned proper etiquette for this”

“I see. It seems that boss was made to pull the short end of the stick”

As Crary gave a bitter smile, Yui scratched his head twice with a troubled expression.

“Don’t you think? Well, it’s pretty much that”

Yui replied while giving a bitter smile back.

Then, exactly at that timing, the wooden door of the Tactics Division was opened.

Surprising the two inside, they moved their eyes towards the door, and saw a big man holding a big bow outside followed by a blue-haired woman carrying a bare sword on her shoulders, entering the room.

“Kynes, didn’t I tell you not to take the bow inside the town hall? Or perhaps I should say, Huth, your sword, your sword! Put it in the sheath at least”

Yui faced the two who entered inside rudely and admonished them.

However, even though he said it a thousand times, these two who still haven’t fixed their behavior didn’t even show any care at all.

Seeing no hope for them, Yui on the other hand spat out a sigh, and in spite of sitting directly on the desk, he pushed himself forward.

“Ah, Captain, good moring. But how rare for you to be at work at this time. Woops. Looks like Big bro Crary came too”

as if not hearing the frank advise of Yui a short while ago, Kynes sat down on the rear with a bow in one hand, smiling.

and Huth, on the other hand leaned her bare sword against the wall in silence as usual.

“Oi, you two. It seems that there will be an escort mission for a few days starting today. Well, Boss’s is a separate matter, but in front of the escort subjects, show a little courtesy or manners at least!”

“Wait……why is mine a separate matter?”

Yui had given up to their manners a long time ago but still can’t help to voice out his protest.

However, with his remarks just passing through their ears, Yui could do nothing but spit out a big sigh on his subordinates. Then, making a compromise in his mind to give up on the current scenario, he switched his thoughts towards the planning and assigning of personnel.

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