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Whereabouts of the Incident

“What’s with that guy?”

Being left in utter amazement as Yui and his company heave the grain warehouse, Elise murmured in spite.

“I apologize for his impolite speech and conduct, but he is my precious mentor and senior. Please forgive his actions for me, Your Highness.”

Taking the speech of Elise as an invective, Eins lowered his head immediately. Lute with a soft “Please” also lowered his head in apology.

She herself thought that she wasn’t wrong, but feeling uneasy with the two people’s actions, Elise spoke to them.

“Hmph, Oh well, he’s just a run-of-a-mill soldier. I shouldn’t be bothered of a man of that level. The problem is this”

Elise looks over the bundle of papers thrown at her once again.

“If this is true, then half of the entire lower aristocracy here could be arrested. But, it’s hard to swallow this without chewing it over piece by piece. Should we?”
Judging the details and the amount of content, Elise was convinced that the material handed to her is correct. It was even to the point that she’s impressed, being able to provide such papers with great detail.

Honestly, She really wanted to reject the other party based on how he acted on her a while ago, but for her not carrying out anything despite the amount of preparations presented before her, she could no longer hold on to her pride anymore.
“So, what will we do from now on?”

Because discord was transmitted to the surroundings, from the standpoint of the Chief of Security, Lute asked Elise about the plans for the future.
“For now, let’s go to Carlin for the time being. Since I was planning to have a tour at the Croceon Mountains tomorrow, let’s have a forced inspection at the Magic Stone workshop over there. As far as this document is concerned, it says the workshop has also took a bite in this”

“Does that mean you believe in the documents that guy Yui wrote?”

“I don’t know yet whether this is really credible or not. But we’ll find out on tomorrow’s inspection. If I found out that the contents of these documents are not true, I’ll send those low-lifers to the central court”

As soon as Elise stated her objectives, Lute saluted and then gave orders to his subordinates, in order to go back to Carlin.

“Yui Ystats. I don’t really like that man……”

Hearing the mutters of the princess leaking out, Eins could only press his hand on his head and breathe a deep sigh.





“I’ve done goofed”

With a bitter smile, it was the first words Yui spoke in front of everyone when they reached the room of the Tactics Division.

“This stupid boss!”

Shouting an angry tone towards him, was a tall red-haired woman wearing light armor suited for magic soldiers.

Upon hearing that the guards escorting caused problems to the princess yesterday, Nanya who is on standby duty on the Tactics Division all by herself flew into a rage.

“Calm down, Nanya. I believe boss have some sort of plan for us”

That said, Kains tried to mediate, but upon receiving Nanya’s glare, Kains and Crary were vilified too.

“Shut it! You think you two are out of this? Well, you’re not––––you bald henchman and useless muscle-head!”

““Yes ma’am. We’re sorry””

The two apologized at the same time.

“Haaah, What I going to do now? Making that dynamic exit and all. Are they going to cut off my head? I knew it, it’s my head after all…”

Although Yui himself got scolded frequently, he rarely gets angry. However, insulting his subordinates is another story. Among his bad habits is that he gets heated up easily when his subordinates are insulted, but for Crary and the others, it was why they adore this young captain so much. But this time, that habit had turned themselves in the worst case scenario.

“Hey Kains. If I’m not mistaken your household was a merchant’s, right? If a bandit rages inside the shop, I can catch it immediately, and so do you feel like hiring an excellent guard?”

“No customer will come to such a store if the if the security guard looks like the bandit itself”

Kains laughed heartily towards Crary’s offer, who then began groaning while worrying about the future of his own career.

Unable to keep up with the mindset of the two anymore, Nanya walked over to Yui’s desk and gave a question to him.

“Captain, wasn’t it possible for you to hold down Tarim’s neck before it lead to this?”

“That’s impossible. No matter how much circumstantial evidence I obtain, they will first issue an order for an arrest warrant – and that is after I lay the groundwork with the judicial authorities in the royal capital. And if you think about it a little bit more, there is a possibility that it won’t even reach Tarim unless we provide a little more physical evidence. As for their subordinates and the lower nobility, they will just cut off their tails right away”

Yui assumed post in this town three years ago, conducting an internal investigation inside the military.

The Carlin Army has been managed by a single personnel from the Ministry of Defense back then, but because the internal management is becoming loose, they decided to dispatch Yui as a temporary officer. That’s where Ernst, the chief of the Carlin Army, requested Yui for an internal investigation, and as a result if the investigation inside the military, they were able to grasp the involvement of the Tarim faction in corruption, and now are already in the final stages of arranging the material evidence.
“But with this, all the credits will go to that princess. Well, taking the matters of us aside, this is now a special opportunity for captain to return to the capital once again”

Nanya thought of Yui, with an expression tinged with sorrow. She was once a ruined adventurer running rampant on the streets, then Yui picked her up. Lacking in motivation, but always capable and generous, this officer who is also her benefactor, a part of her is thinking it would be better for him to return to the capital.

“I’m not going back to the capital. Therefore, concerning the documents regarding Tarim and his gang, whether in my name or not, I was prepared to go over the Ministry of Justice as planned. I’m beginning to like this town, and who will take care of these problem children when I’m not here?”

“Problem children, you say? Look who’s in a serious “problem” right now!”

Contrary to her words of blame to her superior like before, a smile appeared on Nanya’s face.

That is when the door suddenly opened, and accompanied by Huth, Ernst stepped foot on the room.

“I will say this early on. Ystats, you are not dismissed. Perhaps you are thinking why am I telling you this, either way, before that I have to get you one more work done”

“What happened?”

With Ernst not in his usual tone of saying, Yui expected the worst situation happening.
“Tarim is gathering his private soldiers and mercenaries in is residence……in other words, it’s a revolt”

After realizing his expectations hit the bulls-eye, Yui could only curse the gods in his mind.


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