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Midsummer. Along the ramparts of the Capital City Eltobur, the glowing red of the sun is reflected slowly.

Beside the solid south gate – the main gate of Eltobur, is a small gate designated as a checkpoint for the traffic outside. The said gate is being used by merchants for import and export of trade products from the other cities, and usually, the post the sentry is guarding should be normally filled with several people.

But now, aside from a young man with blond hair in his late teens standing at the back of the gate, not a shadow of a person was in sight. Though that young man looks like he’s still in juvenile age, with the blue armor he wore, along with the chips on that armor, it showed that he is a brave warrior who already experienced the battlefield.

To the place where he stood still, coming from the direction of the castle was a man in his twenties with raven-black hair, facing him straightly while straddling his favorite horse.

“Sir Yui……do you really have to go?”

Standing in the way in front of the gate, a young man with androgynous features with a blonde hair and blue eyes called out to the man with the black hair named Yui.

“Sorry to bother you”

The blond youth; feeling inevitable, waved his head from side to side in disapproval.

“General Linen is told to be a shrewd person. Even you may not be recognized that easy. Are you really sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

The youth knew that he cannot be detained from the present situation of Clarice more than anyone. However, this didn’t help from stopping him.

“Eins. You see, in the open battle of Sobakrien just recently, the royal army almost lost all of its troops. The situation is already determined by many”

Eins gave a sigh after hearing those words. Then, moving his body away from blocking the horse’s way slowly, the road leading to the meadows outside the castle was revealed before Yui.

“The next time we meet will be on the battlefield”

“Yeah, I’ll entrust this country to you. And that grieving person too”
Yui at his horseback bowed his head to his junior.

“Understood. But please, sir, do not do anything reckless alright? As for that person, you can leave everything to me. Don’t worry”

As he said so, Eins presented his right hand to Yui, whose head is still lowered.

“You do know very well that I dislike handshakes, don’t you?”


To Eins that doesn’t even lower his right hand even after what he said, Yui scratched his head. Feeling troubled by this, he took off the long sword in his waist, and instead of his own right hand, he made the hand gasp the sword instead.

“This is the substitute for the handshake. I’ll leave this to you. It’s only for safekeeping. Don’t use it, you hear?”

While doing a childish gesture of puffing his cheeks a little, to Yui who pushed his beloved sword onto him, Eins burst into laughter uncontrollably, and allured to that, Yui began laughing too.

“Well then, together with sir’s position, I’ll borrow this for a while. Anyway, take care”

After receiving the words of his junior at his back, Yui made the horse advance gradually. Between the green of the ground and above the clear blue sky, he aimed at the black imperial soldiers dividing them.

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