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KnW Popularity Vote Announcement!

TL NOTE: OKAY, First of all, this isn’t my work. This extra chapter is all translated by Krud-san from Baka-tsuki here in which I shamelessly copy-pasted and revised a bit without permission (I’m sorry for this, Krud-san). So all credits belong to him.

Here you go!


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KnW Chapter 228

Hi Guys! An update again! And this time the author didn’t made any of his notorious POV Switching! Yay for me! Thank goodness, really. Well, without further ado, here is the chapter!!!





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KnW Chapter 227

Hi Guys! UPdate again! Wow, Honestly, I wasn’t expecting an update un 3 days! Yay! Meanwhile, my little sister is hogging the TV watching MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), and she’s really noisy.

Here’s the chapter!






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KnW Chapter 226

Hi guys! We have an update again! This time the chapter is short, so I’ll make it quick on the second one. Of course it’s slow, but I can’t help it, that’s how busy I am. If you’re working (or more like helping out, it’s a family business) on a place for 13 hrs a day and there isn’t any wifi and the mobile data is so darn slow, You won’t be able to do anything but read novels. I’ve finished reading volume 11 of Oda Nobuna no Yabou, and all I can say is, the author really likes to corner the MCs to the brink of death with just a piece of loincloth as their plot armor. It’s like being Realm Divided when you have just captured yur fifth province, in Shogun 2 game terms. And the plot armor is like a devil’s contract that the more you use it to survive, the worse the retribution it will bring to you later. Whew. Hang in there, Sagara Yoshiharu.
Here’s the Chapter!!






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KnW Chapter 225

Hi guys! I was able to make the update earlier than expected! Yay! Seriously though, I can’t make the updates any faster. Honestly, translating this really takes a toll in my free time. Do we have any volunteers to make the updates faster? I don’t mind being the editor for your work. It’s just I’m too mediocre in translating + don’t have a lot of available time for this. I hear some people complaining about the updates being slow AF and I deeply apologize for that. This is the fullest extent of what I can do. I don’t want this project to go on hiatus, and so are you guys. The raws are a whooping 691 chapters and we’re still in 225. Based on their calculations it would take 9 years to finish the whole novel. Oh yeah, the 78 extra chapters (and still ongoing) are excluded from that. Wow. Now imagine if this project goes on hiatus for a year. Well, I expect google translate will be accurate by then. Hahaha. No, seroiusly. 10 years are long enough for something big to happen. You’ll never know if a real Pokemon world or SAO or Underworld or any similar concept will be built by that time.

Here’s the chapter!!!



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KnW Chapter 224

Hello guys! Weekly update again! And I got nothing more to say… So, here you go!






KnW Chapter 223

Hello again guys! New chapter again! I began reading the LN Oda Nobuna no Yabou this week, and currently at volume 10. It’s a Man vs Fate type of story. All I can say is it’s great! It really keeps the readers hooked (Well, for me who is addicted in playing Shogun 2: Total War). The downside is, you won’t be able to relate to it that much if you do not know abut the topography of Japan and the territories of their daimyos in the Sengoku Era, so I really suggest you play the game as it’s fairly accurate, if you are fond of turn-based strategy games. My favorite clans in shogun 2 are the Date, Otomo and Tokugawa. Date as they have universal charge bonus, and Otomo and Tokugawa for their horse-mounted gunners. Most hated clan are the Ikko because its a pain because of their religion-based bonuses (though Otomo is similar to them being a Christian clan, they have cannons, and bitches love cannons) and the Hatakeyama with their fast expansion rate.

Here is the NEW CHAPTER!!!




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KnW Chapter 222

New Update! Finally! I apologize for the delay. I’m not feeling good these past two weeks, plus the added holiday of paying respects to the dead in which we are obliged to attend in the middle of a cold and rainy weather.


Well, here’s the chapter!  [LINK WITH ADS]





I’ve separated the links apart for the convenience of those who read this in your mobile devices.


KnW Chapter 221

Here’s your update for the week! By the way, I’ll be using linkbucks from now on. Please bear with me for this. Don’t worry though, because I made sure that the ads are for all ages so it’s safe to open even during work. No porn ads or anything like that. I’ll be putting the links on the navigation links only, mainly on links to previous chapters and the main page. all ‘Next Chapter’ links are safe from ads for your reading convenience, unless it’s a newly released chapter like the one below. Well, it’s not that much to click them to help me though.

Here you go! Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 221.

Edited: I’m keeping the navigation links at the bottom of the page ad-free. I’ll be making a separate set of  navigation links with ads at the top. This is for those who are having problems with linkbucks. If all else fails you can just navigate through the menu and ToC. This is to ensure the convenience of the readers.

By the way, is this novel good? I may or may not plan to translate this. Just your thoughts.

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