The Unique Cheat of the Man Dragged in by the Four Heroes
Tomoto Sui | 十本スイ
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Konjiki no Word Master: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat / The Unique Cheat of The Man Dragged In By The Four Heroes (金色の文字使い ―勇者四人に巻き込まれたユニークチート―) is a Japanese web/light novel written by Tomoto Sui (十本スイ). The novel was adapted into a Manga drawn by Ozaki Yuusuke (尾崎祐介) and published by Age Premium. The Light Novel is illustrated by Sumaki Shungo (すまき俊悟) and published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko with 6 volumes and ongoing. (Baka-tsuki)



Gluttonous and book-loving “loner” high school student Okamura Hiiro finds himself flying into a different world, along with his happy-go-lucky classmates! The four classmates are frolicking around after seeing that they all have the title of “Hero”, but Hiiro’s title was…”Innocent Bystander”?! Hiiro starts his adventure by himself with his word magic, the power to embody the image of a word and aims for new landsǃ (Baka-tsuki)


Chapters 1-18 (unlimited Novel Failures)

Chapters 19-68 (Yoraikun, Tired, Tenshiroe, NightRacoon, NetBlazer, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, XCrossJ)

Chapters 69-99 (Dalmenuis, NetBlazer, Yoraikun, XCrossJ, ELYSION, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, Loliquent, Pummels,InsigniaPierce)

Chapters 100-166 (Loliquent, InsigniaPierce, Kiriko, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, Pummels, XCrossJ, NetBlazer, Yoraikun, EnTruce, LoliQ, Chuck, Chuckoy)

Chapters 167-192 (Kiriko, Yoraikun, EnTruce, Chuckoy, NetBlazer, Anri, Noob, RIP Translations)

Chapters 193-205 (Noob, BlazingTranslations, RIP Translations, DekinaiDiary Translators)

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