I’m the 17th? Translator taking over Konjiki no Wordmaster, and surely not the last one. (Damn, this series sure is cursed as the rumors say)

I’m temporarily taking over the web novel project from Dekinaidiary Translators (without permission) because it has been over two months and we’re not getting any news from them. They may have gone on hiatus because of their busy IRL circumstances. That aside, the readers are getting impatient day by day, so some may be getting more rude as time pass, so to avoid that, to avoid discouraging the translators’ mood, and to appease the readers’ hunger, I’ve decided to do the translation myself.

On behalf of the previous translators, Anri-sama and Loliquent, I apologize for stealing the initiative. This work is only temporary and will be removed once you have posted a similar version, in respect to your efforts of making your work.

Then, here you go, Konjiki no Word Master Chapter 206


Here’s the link without ads