Hello again guys! New chapter again! I began reading the LN Oda Nobuna no Yabou this week, and currently at volume 10. It’s a Man vs Fate type of story. All I can say is it’s great! It really keeps the readers hooked (Well, for me who is addicted in playing Shogun 2: Total War). The downside is, you won’t be able to relate to it that much if you do not know abut the topography of Japan and the territories of their daimyos in the Sengoku Era, so I really suggest you play the game as it’s fairly accurate, if you are fond of turn-based strategy games. My favorite clans in shogun 2 are the Date, Otomo and Tokugawa. Date as they have universal charge bonus, and Otomo and Tokugawa for their horse-mounted gunners. Most hated clan are the Ikko because its a pain because of their religion-based bonuses (though Otomo is similar to them being a Christian clan, they have cannons, and bitches love cannons) and the Hatakeyama with their fast expansion rate.

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