Hi guys! I was able to make the update earlier than expected! Yay! Seriously though, I can’t make the updates any faster. Honestly, translating this really takes a toll in my free time. Do we have any volunteers to make the updates faster? I don’t mind being the editor for your work. It’s just I’m too mediocre in translating + don’t have a lot of available time for this. I hear some people complaining about the updates being slow AF and I deeply apologize for that. This is the fullest extent of what I can do. I don’t want this project to go on hiatus, and so are you guys. The raws are a whooping 691 chapters and we’re still in 225. Based on their calculations it would take 9 years to finish the whole novel. Oh yeah, the 78 extra chapters (and still ongoing) are excluded from that. Wow. Now imagine if this project goes on hiatus for a year. Well, I expect google translate will be accurate by then. Hahaha. No, seroiusly. 10 years are long enough for something big to happen. You’ll never know if a real Pokemon world or SAO or Underworld or any similar concept will be built by that time.

Here’s the chapter!!!



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